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A Valentine & Sons 1908 Franco-British Exhibition Christmas card.
A 1908 Franco-British Artist’s card with the title in capitals and non-capitals  
One of the pictures used as part of a display in the Franco-British Exhibition 1908 featuring views, and objects made in the school workshops by pupils of the North Surrey District School at Anerley  

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Dec 13, 2016
A 1924 British Empire Exhibition Christmas card supplied by the late Alan Sabey  
Mar 30, 2016
An Imperial Airways Passenger Aeroplane on the Air Ministry Stand in the Palace of Housing and Transport at the 1925 British Empire Exhibition. Not all of the aeroplanes in the Imperial Airways series of post cards were on display at Wembley.  
Dec 31, 2015
Not exactly a Christmas card but at least it’s a New Year greeting card. An F. Hartmann card recently found by Fred Peskett  
Oct 31, 2015
Waverly Market c 1905 site of the 1882 International Fisheries Exhibition Edinburgh.