Index to articles published

in Newsletters / Journals

No. 1 (1980)


No. 120 (2016).

Index to Newsletters / Journals

No. 1 (1980) to No. 120 (2016).

Nos. 1-23. Editor Andrew D. Brooks. Published irregularly without page numbers from 1980 to 1992. Each year forms one volume with continuous page numbers where more than one Newsletter was published during the year, title-leaves unnumbered. Page numbers have been added in 2005 to back numbers, for the purpose of this index. Part-pages counted as full pages. Newsletter No. 14 was not published.

Nos. 24-78. Editor Bill Tonkin. From 1992 to 2005, published quarterly, titled “Newsletter” to No. 37 and then from No. 38 titled “Journal”. Each year forms one volume divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with continuous page numbers, title-leaves unnumbered.

Nos. 79-120. Joint Editors Fred Peskett and Bill Tonkin. From 2005 to 2016, published quarterly, titled “Journal”. Each year forms one volume divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with continuous page numbers, title-leaves unnumbered.

Index entries are in two parts, 1-9, the first is the number of the Newsletter and the second is the page number.

The Autumn Journal No. 78 in 2005, was inadvertently titled No. 77 Summer on the cover page. The pagination of the issue was correct, and in this index No. 78 is listed as 77/8


Index to articles published in Newsletters / Journals

No. 1 (1980) to No. 120 (2016).

Reference numbers. The first numbers refer to the Journal number and the second numbers refer to the page number. i.e. 93-28 refers to Journal No. 93 page 28.

This index is divided into the following groups.

Bibliography and Book reviews

Biography (Articles on people)

Exhibition Study Group

Exhibitions in London

British Empire Exhibition Post Cards & lists

Exhibitions outside London

Foreign Exhibitions

Films featuring Exhibitions


Missionary Exhibitions


Post cards general


Bibliography and Book reviews.

            1862 Decorative Arts Society by Matthew Denney                                                   120-3

            B.E.E. 1924-25 Advertising labels by Alan Sabey & Bill Tonkin                               70-34

            B.E.E. Medals & Medallions by Trevor I. Harris                                                      69-27

            British Stamp Exhibition sheets, cards & labels by Glenn H. Morgan review              37-16

            Cole. The Great Exhibitor Life & Works of Henry by E. Benython & A. Burton

                        review by Stanley K. Hunter                                                                       70-35

            Crystal Palace 1854-1936 on post cards by Fred Peskett & Bill Tonkin                      83-53

            Ephemeral Vistas by Greenhalgh, review by Jeffrey Green                                       15-43

            Exhibitions The Great White City by Don Knight                                                     89-17

            EXPO 58 a book review by Matthey Denney                                                           117-18

            Fleeting Cities a book review by Matthew Denney                                                   114-30

            F.O.B. A List of Information Sources by John Kirby review                                      34-39

            Footsteps at the American World Fairs by Stanley K. Hunter                                    42-32

            Glasgow's Great Exhibitions by P. & J. Kinchin, 1888, 1901, 11, 38 & 88 notice        11-11

            History of the Newsletter / Journal                                                                           77-18

            Ideal Home Exhibition by Deborah J. Ryan preview                                                 46-40

            Index for E.S.G. Newsletters 1-5, by Stanley K. Hunter                                            6-24

            Index for E.S.G. Newsletters 1-27 by James Negus January 1993 as a supplement      28-sup

            Index for E.S.G. Newsletters / Journal 1-55 by James Negus                                     56-4

            Index for E.S.G. Journal 1-77 by Bill Tonkin                                                           77-24

            Index for E.S.G. Journal 1-100 by Bill Tonkin                                                          101-19

            International Stamp Exhibition (1912) Souvenirs by Tim A. J. N. Rusden                  75-54

            Kelvingrove and the 1888 Exhibition by Stanley K. Hunter notice                             24-8

            Paris Universal Exposition labels by Charles Kiddle                                                 62-35

            Paxton. ‘A thing in Disguise’ Life of Sir Joseph by Kate Colquhoun review

                        by Stanley Hunter                                                                                       70-35

            Post cards of the B.E.E. by Mike Perkins & Bill Tonkin review                                 34-37

                        Ten year up-date (2004) including Snap Shots & Letter Cards                       74-38

            Post cards of the B.E.E. prices & check list by Mike Perkins & Bill Tonkin review    42-33

            Post cards of the F.O.B. notice of intent to publish by Bill Tonkin                             57-18

            Post cards of the Great White City 1908-1914 by Bill Tonkin                                    91-55

            Printed ephemera owned and listed by Andrew Brooks                                             6-28

            Souvenirs from Roman times to the present day. by Godfrey Evans review

                        by Stanley K. Hunter                                                                                  54-46

            Wembley Venue of Legends published by Columbus Press review by Alan Sabey     52-3

            Wembley Images of London by Geoffrey Hewlett                                                    67-61

            Worlds Show The (Crystal Palace Medals) by Leslie L. Allen                                   71-55


Biography (Articles on people)

            Brown. J. Reminiscences of my Grandfather 1904 by Alice Brown (1)                      93-28

            Brown. J. Reminiscences of my Grandfather 1904 by Alice Brown (2)                      94-36

            Coe. A. by G. Hall (1)                                                                                             5-7

            Coe. A. by G. Hall (2)                                                                                             6-22

            Colman. Jeremiah James by K. Harman                                                                   94-34

            Heath. Cuthbert of Lloyds of London by G. Burr                                                      71-50

            Illingworth Karl. Collector Extraordinaire by B. Tonkin                                            105-20

            Kiralfy. family odd newspaper cuttings                                                                    7-9

            Kiralfy. Imre My Reminiscences by Imre Kiralfy                                                     64-5

            Maxim. Sir Hiram by F. Peskett                                                                              62-36

            Maxim. Sir Hiram A snippet by F. Peskett                                                               101-31



Exhibition Study Group


                        List No. 1                                                                                                  58-46

            Balance Sheets

                        1995-96                                                                                                     42-34

                        1996-97 Main A/C                                                                                    47-65

                        1996-97 Packet A/C                                                                                 47-66

                        1998-99 Main A/C                                                                                    55-62

                        1998-99 Packet A/C                                                                                 55-61

                        2000-01 Main A/C                                                                                    63-59

                        2000-01 Packet A/C                                                                                 63-60

                        2001-02 Main A/C                                                                                    66-46

                        2002-03 Main A/C                                                                                    70-36

                        2003-04 Main A/C                                                                                    74-39

                        2004-05 Main A/C                                                                                    79-50

                        2005-06 Main A/C                                                                                    81-42

                        2006-07 Main A/C                                                                                    87-51

                        2007-08 Main A/C                                                                                    91-51

                        2008-09 Main A/C                                                                                    95-50

                        2009-10 Main A/C                                                                                    99-57

                        2010-11 Main A/C                                                                                    103-53                   2011-12 Main A/C                                                                                                107-58                   2012-13 Main A/C                                                                                                111-45                   2013-14 Main A/C                                                                                                115-47                   2014-15 Main A/C                                                                                                119-44       Circulating packets

                        Rules                                                                                                         27-57

                        Report (1994)                                                                                             34-36

                        Report (1997                                                                                              47-63

                        Letters regarding                                                                                        51-53

                        Report (2002)                                                                                             68-12

                        Resignation of Packet Secretary                                                                  73-26

            Committee Meetings

                        Newport Pagnall 3 June 1995                                                                      37-15

                        North Finchley Indoor Bowling Club 20 April 2005                                     77/8-35


                        Constitution 1993                                                                                       31-54

            Conventions Report of

                        1987 York (Black Swan) 1st Convention                                                     9-1

                        1988 York (Black Swan) 2nd Convention                                                    10-1

                        1989 Manchester (K. Illingworth’s Home) 3rd Convention                           15-38

                        1990 Crystal Palace (White Swan) 4th Convention Details of Venue             17-25

                        1990 Crystal Palace (White Swan) 4th Convention                                       19-36

                        1991 Crystal Palace (White Swan) 5th Convention                                       23-40

                        1992 Crystal Palace (White Swan) 6th Convention                                       27-55

                        1993 Wembley (Century Inn) 7th Convention                                              31-46

                        1993 Wembley (Century Inn) 7th Convention (minutes)                               33-18

                        1994 Wembley (Century Inn) 8th Convention                                              35-50

                        1995 Wembley (Century Inn) 9th Convention                                              38-37

                        1996 Wembley (Century Inn) 10th Convention                                            43-47

                        1997 Wembley (Century Inn) 11th Convention (minutes)                             47-64

                        1998 Portsmouth (Salisbury Hotel) 12th Convention (minutes)                      50-32

                        1999 Portsmouth (Salisbury Hotel) 13th Convention                                    55-60

                        2000 Portsmouth (Salisbury Hotel) 14th Convention                                    59-51

                        2001 Glasgow (Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum) 15th Convention          63-50

                        2002 York (Holgate Hill Hotel) 16th Convention                                         67-51

                        2002 York (Holgate Hill Hotel) 16th Convention                                         68-9

                        2003 York (Holgate Hill Hotel) 17th Convention                                         71-51

                        2004 Bradford (Industrial Museum) 18th Convention Details of Venue         73-31

                        2004 Bradford 18th Convention                                                                  74-38

                        2005 Hatfield 19th Convention by Alan Sabey                                             79-51

                        2006 Crystal Palace 20th Convention by Alan Sabey                                    83-51

                        2007 Crystal Palace 21st Convention by Alan Sabey                                    87-50

                        2008 Hatfield 22nd Convention by Alan Sabey                                            91-50

                        2009 Crystal Palace 23rd Convention by Don Knight                                   95-51

                        2010 Crystal Palace 24th Convention by Don Knight                                    99-50

                        2011 Crystal Palace 25th Convention by Don Knight                                    104-2                     2011 Displays at Convention by Alan Sabey                                                                                103-54

                        2012 Crystal Palace 26th Convention by Don Knight                                    107-48

                        2012 Displays at Convention by Don Knight                                                107-49

                        2013 Crystal Palace 27th Convention by Don Knight                                    111-44                   2013 Displays at Convention by Don Knight                                                                                111-45

                        2014 Crystal Palace 28th Convention by Derek Cornell                                115-45                   2014 Displays at Convention by Derek Cornell                                                                             115-45

                        2015 Crystal Palace 29th Convention by Don Knight                                    120-2                     2015 Displays at Convention by Don Knight                                                                                119-45


                        List of 1980                                                                                               1-3

                        List of 1983                                                                                               4-1

                        List of 1987                                                                                               8-14

                        List of 1989                                                                                               12-22

                        List of 1996                                                                                               39-50

                        List of 1998                                                                                               50-36

                        List of 2005                                                                                               77/8-37


                        Henry Morgan (1980)                                                                                 2-3

                        John Allwood (1987)                                                                                  7-1

                        Nancy Tonkin (1995)                                                                                  37-17

                        Lyn Lane (1995)                                                                                         37-17

                        George E. R. Ithell (1995)                                                                           39-61

                        John Swanborough (1997)                                                                          45-20

                        Mike Edwards (2001)                                                                                 61-21

                        Stanley K. Hunter (2004)                                                                            73-18

                        George Simner (2008)                                                                                88-4

                        Gwen Tough (2009)                                                                                   92-2

                        Arthur Smith (2010)                                                                                   96-9

                        Robert Tough (2012)                                                                                  105-19

                        Stuart Smith (2014)                                                                                    113-16

                        Francis Kiddle (2015)                                                                                 120-3


                        1981    75p                                                                                                3-1

                        1987    1.00                                                                                               7-1

                        1988    2.00                                                                                               9-3

                        1989    5.00                                                                                               11-1

                        1993    8.00                                                                                               31-64

                        1998    8.00 & 13.00                                                                                  52-1

                        2009    10.00 & 15.00 Couples and foreign                                                  95-51


Exhibitions or Exhibition sites in London

Agricultural Hall

            See under         Orient in London Missionary Exhibition (1908)                               4-4

                                    Printing, Stationery, Allied Trades Exhibition                                  27-59

Alexandra Palace

            History of by J. Allwood                                                                                         2-21

Anglo-American Exposition 1914

            101 Ranch post cards                                                                                              58-35

            A South Carolina Band in London 1914 (Piccaninni Band) by J. P. Green                  13-29

            Anglo-American Post mark by K. Tonkin                                                                87-59

            When did the 1914 Anglo-American Exposition close ?                                            114-41

British Empire Exhibition 1924-25

            A Nostalgic trip to Wembley by A. Sabey                                                                91-54

            Advertising labels B.E.E. (1924-25) Requesting information by A. Sabey.                 27-55

            Advertising labels B.E.E. (1924-25) New labels reported (1)                                     95-53

            Advertising labels B.E.E. (1924-25) New labels reported (2)                                     98-43

            Advertising labels B.E.E. (1924-25) New labels reported (3)                                     108-11

            Advertising labels B.E.E. (1924-25) New labels reported (4)                                     120-14

            Anchor Line by M. Perkins                                                                                     61-15

            Architects Journal, notes on buildings by F. Chatterton FRIBA                                 8-26

            B.E.E. in my Bonnet by P. Griffin (1)                                                                      32-13

            B.E.E. in my Bonnet by P. Griffin (2)                                                                      33-30

            B.E.E. in my Bonnet by P. Griffin (3)                                                                      34-44

            B.E.E. in my Bonnet by P. Griffin (4)                                                                      35-56

            Baron Stevenson and the 1924-25 British Empire Exhibitions. by K. Harman             102-45

            British Empire Exhibition Narrow Gauge Railway by Stephen Mourton                    108-4

            British Empire Exhibition Stereo cards by A. Sabey                                                 108-9

            Cardiff at Civic Hall by M. Perkins                                                                          68-3

            Colonial Slogan Cancellations by A. Sabey                                                              57-19

            Commemorative Ceramics (crested china) 1924-25 by J. Hill (1)                               67-55

            Commemorative Ceramics (crested china) 1924-25 by J. Hill (2)                               68-4

            Development of the British Empire Exhibition by A. Sabey                                      31-55

            Diary of Royal Visits in 1924 by A. Sabey (1)                                                          59-60

            Diary of Royal Visits in 1924 by A. Sabey (2)                                                          60-7

            Exhibitors stand numbers and locations, 1924-25 Sample page by B. Tonkin             40-2

            Falkland Islands Court at the B.E.E. by B. Tonkin                                                    92-4

            Falkland Islands Guide to the Court at the B.E.E. by B. Tonkin                                 92-8

            Falkland Islands Survey of existing post cards by B. Tonkin                                     100-7

            Fleetway Press 1924 Official Guide description of various editions by B. Tonkin       60-4

            Hartswood Tennis Club by Don Knight                                                                   110-30

            Horology at Wembley by Trevor Day                                                                      73-25

            Hull Civic Fortnight by M. Perkins                                                                          41-16

            Imperial Airways post cards at Wembley. Part 1 by B. Tonkin                                  119-50

            Imperial Airways post cards at Wembley. Part 2 by B. Tonkin                                  120-6

            King’s Speech at opening broadcast to Clacton by A. Sabey                                      29-25

            Life Boat House at Wembley by B. Tonkin                                                              28-5

            Lion Advertising Label, plating study by A. Sabey                                                   64-9

            Lion’s heads from the Lucillus Restaurant. The by A. Sabey                                     109-17

            Lloyds Bank advertising labels                                                                                42-35

            Malay Pavilion. Model of the by A. Sabey                                                               102-39

            Maps 1924, by K. North and printed by D. Molle by B. Tonkin (1)                            51-48

            Maps 1924, by K. North and printed by D. Molle by B. Tonkin (2)                            52-9

            Maps 1924, by K. North and printed by D. Molle by B. Tonkin (3)                            53-27

            Maps 1924, by K. North and printed by D. Molle by B. Tonkin (4)                            54-51

            Maps 1924, by K. North and printed by D. Molle by B. Tonkin (5)                            71-54

                        No. 35 a second Walpamur Co., Ltd. map                                                    78-36

                        No. 36 another Metro map.                                                                         79-51

                        No. 37-40. Mazda, BIF, L. M. & S., G.W.R., & another L. M. & S.               80-8

                        No. 43 W. & T. Avery                                                                                93-22

                        No. 44 Pickfords personalised map by M. Gorringe                                      99-54

                        No. 45 Robert Adams by M. Gorringe                                                         100-10

                        No. 47 by M. Gorringe                                                                                100-10

                        No. 41, 42 & 46 were not reported in the Journal

            Model Coal Mine at Wembley by B. Tonkin                                                            54-47

            Monument to the British Empire Exhibition 1924-25 by Don Knight                         114-35

            Moorcroft's Stand by P. Atterbury                                                                           25-24

            Mount Everest & its 1924 postal history by B. Tonkin                                              96-5

            Mount Everest post card by B. England                                                                   33-25

            New Aircraft post cards by T. Davies                                                                      84-8

            New collectibles reported by T. Davies & A. Sabey.                                                 104-57

            Ninetieth Anniversary of the British Empire Exhibition by D. Knight                        113-20

            Official documents by B. Tonkin                                                                             21-14

            Other Wembley Exhibitions by A. Sabey                                                                 31-59

            Pageant of Empire (1924) Programme                                                                     4-8

            Palace of Industry. The by D. Knight                                                                       110-32

            Paquebot post marks 1925 B. E. E. Southampton by Kenneth Tonkin                        109-28

            Paquebot postmarks of the B. E. E. by K. Tonkin                                                     111-48

            Park Royal Childrens Camp Hostel by B. Tonkin                                                     84-4

            Passes 1924-25 by A. Sabey                                                                                    8-22

            Perfins on Wembley stamps (1924-25) stamps by J. Nelson (1)                                 26-32

            Perfins on Wembley stamps (1924-25) stamps by J. Nelson (2)                                 33-27

            Perfins on Wembley stamps (1924-25) stamps by J. Nelson (3)                                 40-8

            Perfins on Wembley stamps (1924-25) stamps by J. Nelson (4)                                 63-57

            Post Office underground Railway at Wembley by M. Perkins                                    68-3

            Postage due stamps on incoming mail at the B.E.E. by K. Tonkin                              99-60

            Pryse. Gerald Spencer Lithographs, correspondence and article                                 107-56

            Pryse. Gerald Spencer Complete sheet of Labels by P. G. Griffin                              108-10

            Railway tickets and stubs (Wembley Exhibition) by M. Gorringe                              107-54

            Red Cross at Wembley by B. Tonkin                                                                       26-37

            Remains of the B.E.E. by A. Sabey                                                                          52-6

            Sabey A. His exhibition at the Royal by P. Denley                                                    53-33

            Saturday Relief cancellations by A. Sabey                                                               51-47

            Scout Jamboree at Copenhagen trip from Wembley on United Baltic Corp. ships       28-10

            Snap Shots, research into the snap shot cartons by B. Tonkin                                    79-56

            Snap Shots, for your Snap Shot Album by B. Tonkin (1)                                           105-28

            Snap Shots, for your Snap Shot Album by B. Tonkin (2)                                           106-35

            Some questions by P. Denley                                                                                  57-23

            Stadium construction of by M. Perkins                                                                     24-2

            Stamp perfins, notes on (1)                                                                                      27-58

            Stamp perfins, notes on (2)                                                                                      30-42

            Stamp perfins, notes on (3)                                                                                      54-43

            The Scout Supplement pages from                                                                           12-15

            Trevessa Life Boat at Wembley by M. Perkins                                                         41-18

            Tutankhamen exhibits from the B.E.E. in the Hands on History Museum Hull            67-52

            Wembley Lion The by A. Sabey                                                                              30-43

            Wembley Map Ephemera by M. Gorringe.                                                               102-44

            Wembley Snippets by A. Sabey                                                                               52-2

            Wembley Table Lamp by A. Sabey.                                                                         102-44

            Western Electric Mah-Jongg playing cards by B. Tonkin                                          96-2

British Empire Exhibition Post Cards & lists

            Association of Friends of the National Postal Museum (set of 1925 post cards)          58-34

            Cyprus post cards on sale at B.E.E.                                                                          66-44

            Fleetway post cards sorting the                                                                                1-10

            Gold Coast list of Tuck’s post cards                                                                         26-34

            Hartley W. P. (London & Aintree) Ltd                                                                     54-39

            Hartley W. P. (London & Aintree) Ltd (Further notes)                                              71-51

            Macdonald Greenlees & Williams Distillers Ltd Defenders of Empire post card         30-40

            Malaya Pavilion post card printing varieties by M. Perkins                                       40-3

            Prince of Wales in butter by T. Davis & M. Perkins                                                  49-26

            Queen’s Dolls House Tuck’s post cards                                                                   31-62

Chelsea Hospital Grounds

            See under         Royal Naval Exhibition 1891                                                          113-23

Coronation Exhibition 1911

            Evans. Lewis display of mathematical instruments in 1911 by P. de Clercq                58-48

Crystal Palace (Penge)

            A Ladies Diary by F. Peskett                                                                                   115-54

            Anglo-German Exhibition (1913) by F. Peskett                                                        47-57

            Asphalt Skating Rink. The by F. Peskett                                                                  105-26

            Aviation at the Crystal Palace by B. Tough (1)                                                         40-4

            Aviation at the Crystal Palace by B. Tough (2)                                                         87-59

            Brock’s Benefit 1/- Day post marks by F. Peskett & B. Tonkin                                  90-35

            Campbell-Gray Large 1911 Festival of Empire Post Cards                                        115-49

            Catering at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett. (1)                                                        83-55

            Catering at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett. (2)                                                        86-40

            Childrens Day & the Red Route by F. Peskett                                                          86-42

            Cigarette cards at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                                    84-3

            Crystal Palace Corner by F. Peskett                                                                         89-18

            Crystal Palace Low Level Station re-furbishing the old station by T. f. L.                   114-41

            Crystal Palace on post cards by F. Peskett & B. Tonkin                                            83-53

            Crystal Palace. The Commercial side of the by F. Peskett                                          105-20

            Egyptian Court at the Crystal Palace by B. Tonkin                                                    86-37

            F. A. Cup Finals at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                                  81-26

            Festival of Empire (1911), List of Rotary postcards,                                                  1-12

            Festival of Empire by B. Tonkin                                                                              48-5

            Festival of Empire, Crested China Souvenirs by F. Peskett                                        119-48

            Festival of Empire post marks by K. Tonkin                                                             97-22

            Festival of Empire. Wild Australia at the by F. Peskett                                              104-54

            Fireman at the Crystal Palace. Sherlock Peskett Holmes solves a mystery                  107-53

            Fireworks at the Crystal Palace/Festival of Britain by F. Peskett                                102-47

            First Cup Tie Programme at the Crystal Palace in 1895 by F. Peskett                         84-2

            Hand stamp salvaged from the Crystal Palace fire by A. Sabey                                  83-52

            Help wanted on Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace. by F. Peskett                                  108-8

            History (brief) of the Crystal Palace by B. Tonkin                                                    27-48

            Invasion. A firework spectacular at the Crystal Palace by P. Crosier                          97-26

            Joseph and his Amazing Crystal Palace by J. Greatrex                                              80-3

            Letter about, from R. Trevelyan                                                                               73-27

            Master Plan for the Crystal Palace by M. Harrison                                                    92-2

            Negretti & Zambra Carte-de-Visites by F. Peskett                                                    88-5

            Nelson’s Souvenir views of the Crystal Palace. by F. Peskett                                    105-18

            Newspaper cuttings after the Crystal Palace fire by F. Peskett                                   114-38

            O X O advertising post cards by B. Tonkin                                                              87-63

            Owen Jones and the Crystal Palace Water Temples by F. Peskett                               114-35

            Paper weights of glass of the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett.                                        93-24

            People & Places International Ltd. A New plan for Crystal Palace by                        54-40

            Photochrom Guides to the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                             100-4

            Post marks of the Crystal Palace area by F. Peskett (1) 1898-1918                             92-13

            Royal Naval Division at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                          88-10

            Site plan of the Crystal Palace Festival of Empire 1911.                                            3-10

            Some observations on Crystal Palace post cards by F. Peskett                                   100-9

            Souvenir Picture Albums by F. Peskett (1)                                                               91-59

            Souvenir Picture Albums by F. Peskett (2)                                                               92-3

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Brass by F. Peskett (1)                                112-10

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Ivory by F. Peskett (1)                                 116-6

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Metal by F. Peskett (1)                                116-5

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Metal by F. Peskett (2)                                119-56

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Mixed materials by F. Pesket. (1)                 109-22

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Mixed materials by F. Pesket. (2)                 120-11

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Papier mache by F. Pesket. (3)                     109-21

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Plaster by F. Peskett (1)                               118-34

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Wood by F. Peskett (1)                                112-11

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Wood by F. Peskett (2)                                113-18

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Wood by F. Peskett (3)                                114-33

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Wood by F. Peskett (4)                                116-3

            Souvenirs of the Crystal Palace made in Wood by F. Peskett (5)                                120-12

            Stereoscopic views of the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                              83-59

            Story behind a post card by F. Peskett                                                                      87-61

            Television at the Crystal Palace by F. Peskett                                                           84-10

            The Crystal Palace Auction Catalogue pub. by Knight, Frank & Rutley 1911             115-51

            The name is Bond-James Bond licensed to quill by F. Peskett (Marking inks)            91-64

            Views from the Crystal Palace Low Level Station by F. Peskett & B. Tonkin (1)        116-7

            Views from the Crystal Palace Low Level station by F. Peskett & B. Tonkin (2)        118-37

Design Museum, Butlers Wharf

            Ideal Home Exhibition, Exhibition D. Sugg                                                              29-14

Earls Court

            Gigantic Wheel & Recreation Towers Co., Ltd. by A. Sabey                                     55-57

            Great Wheel (1905) by T. Hougham                                                                        4-10

            Great Wheel by W. B. Basset & A. Sabey                                                                87-52

            History of by unknown author                                                                                 43-48

            Italian Exhibition (1888) by A. P. Smith                                                                  25-22

            Medals & Statistics by G. Burr                                                                                57-25

            Paris in London Exhibition (1902) Daily Programme (1)                                           13-37

            Paris in London Exhibition (1902) Daily Programme (2)                                           15-44

            Shakespeare’s England (1912) List of Rotary, W. H. Smith, & Valentine P/C’s

                        by A. P. Smith                                                                                            7-11

                        Notes on packet by A. Brooks, F. Fletcher & A. Smith                                  11-10

            The Chinese Dragon by T. Walden (from an article by A. Wynne)                             102-40

Festival of Britain

            Building Design, pages from by A. Baillieu                                                             20-4

            Costain Celebrating F O B 40 years on                                                                    23-44

            Eltham Pageant script of                                                                                         32-9

            Fireworks at the Crystal Palace/Festival of Britain by F. Peskett                                102-47

            London Characters Series by Tuck                                                                          28-8

            On My Way poster labels                                                                                        49-21

            Picture Post Card Show (2001) display by F. Peskett, G. Simner & B. Tonkin            62-33

            Poole Pottery at the Festival of Britain by F. Peskett                                                 88-9

            Portsmouth, Spirit of 51 Exhibition (1998) by F. Peskett (1)                                      49-27

            Portsmouth, Spirit of 51 Exhibition (1998) by F. Peskett (2)                                      50-33

            The Merchant Venturer and Me by F. Peskett                                                           108-3

            Woolwich, Remember 51 Exhibition by G. Simner                                                   50-34

Franco-British Exhibition 1908

            A closer look at the A.N. Paris post cards by B. Tonkin                                            114-38

            A set of French post cards for the Franco-British Exhibition. by A. Sabey                  106-32

            Alexander post cards (1908)                                                                                    1-13

            Ballymaclinton & the Post Office, from G. E. R. Ithell’s archives                              48-2

            Ballymaclinton Acquisition of G. E. R. Ithell archives                                              42-35

            Ballymaclinton, Supplement to book by G. E. R. Ithell (1)                                        47-53

            Ballymaclinton, Supplement to book by G. E. R. Ithell (2) (Diff pictures)                  95-54

            Ballymaclinton. The Story of by G. E. R. Ithell. (1)                                                  109-18

            Ballymaclinton. The Story of by G. E. R. Ithell. (2)                                                  112-2

            Ballymaclinton. The Story of by G. E. R. Ithell. (3) (final)                                        113-19

            Building the Great White City by B. Tonkin                                                             70-37

            Country Home. The, an extract by K. Rumsey                                                          90-42

            Christmas Cards by D. Knight                                                                                 77-19

            Christmas Cards by K. Rumsey                                                                               78-34

            Cut & paste at the Franco-British Exhibition by B. Tonkin                                        85-23

            Fetes de L’Inauguration de Exposition Franco-Britannique by A. Sabey                    56-2

            Franco-British Charity Fete and Bazaar (1909)                                                         13-28

            Gold Humbug Book. The, by J. Osbourne                                                                86-35

            McClinton’s Soap in the 30’s by D. Chambers                                                         115-44

            Mucha Franco-British Exhibition post card by K. Harman                                        49-25

            North Surrey District School at the Franco-British Exhibition by B. Tonkin               45-21

            Official Souvenir, Hudson & Kearn, 3 editions by B. Tonkin (1)                               49-23

            Official Souvenir, Hudson & Kearn, 3 editions by B. Tonkin (2)                               50-35

            Old London at the Franco-British Exhibition by A. Smith                                         77-21

            Our Miss Gibbs by K. Reeves                                                                                 91-52

            Photography at the Franco-British Exhibition                                                           19-43

            Post mark errors by D. Knight                                                                                 71-58

            Senegal Village. The, at the Franco-British Exhibition by B. Tonkin (1)                    89-19

            Shepherds Bush post marks used at the Franco-British Exhibition by B. Tonkin         95-59

            Uxbridge Road Entrance                                                                                         25-18

            Valentine’s Pre-exhibition post cards with cloud varieties by B. Tonkin                     10-14

Great Exhibition 1851

            Alex Soyer at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                                      90-38

            Alexis Soyer's movable kitchen, a postscript by F. Peskett                                        107-52

            An 1851 Great Exhibition poem typed out by F. Peskett                                            104-64

            Centenary of the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                                        93-22

            Charity Shop and Bin Diver by F. Peskett                                                                115-56

            Colnbrook Gates at the Crystal Palace by R. Trevelyan                                             99-58

            Comical creatures from Wurtemburg The by F. Peskett                                             118-36

            Engraved letter heads at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                       82-34

            Famed Bow Street, a song from an 1851 song book                                                  101-18

            Giant Clay Pipes of the Great Exhibition type 1, 2, 3, & 4 by F. Peskett                     111-50

            Giant Clay Pipes of the Great Exhibition type 5 by F. Peskett                                    115-48

            Giant Clay Pipes of the Great Exhibition type 6 by F. Peskett                                    117-25

            Giant Clay Pipe manufacturing by F. Peskett                                                            119-47

            Great Exhibition (1851) 1850 Executive Committee correspondence                         18-28

            Great Exhibition by B. Tonkin                                                                                27-48

            Great Exhibition. some facts and figures by F. Peskett                                              80-6

            Kelynack. Mary Walk from Cornwall to visit the Great Exhibition by S. Bird            96-12

            Locomotives at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                                    102-35

            Money matters at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett.                                                104-56

            Mr Maloney’s account of the Crystal Palace typed by F. Peskett                                100-2

            Osier F. & C. exhibits at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                       115-54

            Postal History Gems, Halifax to Bermuda cover by F. Peskett (5)                              115-51

            Postal History Gems, Industry of all Nations cover by F. Peskett (4)                          114-31

            Postal History Gems, Maxwell headed note paper by F. Peskett (6)                           115-53

            Postal History Gems, Royal Soc. Of Arts cover by F. Peskett (2)                               110-36

            Postal History Gems, Thomas De La Rue cover by F. Peskett (1)                              108-9

            Postal History Gems, Wilson Walker cover by F. Peskett (3)                                     111-47

            Sesquincentenary of Great Exhibition 2001 by J. K. D. Cooper                                 46-36

            Souvenirs of the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett (1) The Greek Slave                         117-19

            Souvenirs of the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett (2) My favourite                               114-36

            Static Steam Engines at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                        104-59

            Steam Engines at the Great Exhibition by F. Peskett                                                 100-15

            Thackeray W. M. Ballards and Odes for the Great Exhibition typed by F. Peskett       94-41

            The First of May, a ballard by Anna Harriet typed by F. Peskett                                85-18

            Wells Journal No. 1 Great Exhibition. extract sent in by T. Stevens                           80-9

Hayward Gallery

            Twilight of Tsars Exhibition (1991) by S. K. Hunter                                                 20-2

Imperial International Exhibition 1909

            Imperial International Exhibition by D. Knight                                                         93-18

Imperial War Museum

            1st World War Remembered by B. Tonkin                                                               50-35

            Meccano Exhibition by F. Peskett                                                                            52-2

Japan-British Exhibition 1910

            Ainu & Formosan Woman at the Japan-British Exhibition by K. Ziomek                   97-19

            Copy of Death certificate of Formosan native at exhibition                                       98-38

            Evans. Lewis display of mathematical instruments in 1910 by P. de Clercq                58-48

            Fukasawa Yuriko Professor of Archaeology. 1st visit in 1996                                   40-1

            Fukasawa Yuriko Professor of Archaeology. 2nd visit in 2002                                  66-35

            Giant Japan-British Ex. post cards in the Museum of London by K. Ziomek               98-47

            Japan British Exhibition. A beautiful Japanese post card by M. Ellis                          111-49

            Japan-British Exhibition 1910, cartoon from Punch                                                  113-16

            Japan-British Exhibition 1910. Japanese postal cancellations by B. Tonkin                112-12

            Japan-British Exhibition. by D. Knight                                                                    97-19

            Japan-British Exhibition. Japanese cancellations by B. Tonkin                                  15-39

            Story on 12 Japan-British Exhibition post cards by B. Tonkin                                   97-30

            Tale of an Aboriginal Lad by B. Tonkin                                                                   120-4

            Ziomek Kirsten, 5th Visit in 2010                                                                            97-17

Japan-British Exhibition Centenary Exhibition

            Exhibition held at the Japanese Embassy by D. Knight                                             100-13

Japan in London Exhibition

            Japan in London Exhibition at Fulham Palace Museum by D. Knight                        98-45


            1862 International Exhibition, sterioscopic cards                                                      98-44

            1862 Giant clay pipe by F. Peskett                                                                           119-45


            1886-2000 History of by B. Tough. (1)                                                                    65-19

            1886-2000 History of by B. Tough. (2)                                                                    66-36

            Corporate History of Olympia by J. Glanfield (1).                                                    108-12

            Corporate History of Olympia by J. Glanfield (2).                                                    109-23

            Corporate History of Olympia by J. Glanfield (3).                                                    110-37

            Corporate History of Olympia by J. Glanfield (4).                                                    111-54

            Corporate History of Olympia by J. Glanfield (5).                                                    111-54

            Ideal Homes Exhibition

                        (1908-59), list of postcards by A. D. Brooks & F. Fletcher                            11-4

                        Revised                                                                                                      16-2

                        Additions (1)                                                                                              19-39

                        Additions (2)                                                                                              27-60

                        Additions (3)                                                                                              29-17

                        Model Railways at the Ideal Homes Exhibition, 1931. by F. Peskett              106-34

                        Publicity Slogans postal cancellations by A. P. Smith                                   31-48

            International Horse Show correspondence with V. Forster. (1)                                  44-3

            International Horse Show correspondence with V. Forster. (2)                                  45-19

            Irish Exhibition (1888) by G. E. R. Ithell                                                                  17-23

            Irish Exhibition (1888) (above article by Ithell repeated two years later)                    25-28

Orient in London Missionary Exhibition (1908)

            An item of ephemera                                                                                              4-4

Printing, Stationery, Allied Trades Exhibition

            Post card used as entry ticket in 1904                                                                       27-59

Royal Horticultural Society

            Notes on the Royal Horticultural Society                                                                 74-37

            Royal Horticultural Society Tercentenary Exhibition                                                73-17

            Sweet Peas, Suffragettes and Showmen by R. Dee                                                    101-30

Royal Institute of British Architects

            Festival of Britain in retrospect (1991)                                                                     20-2

Royal Naval Exhibition (1891)

            (Eddystone Lighthouse) by D. Hiscock                                                                    113-23

Royal Tournament

            Royal Tournament by A. P. Smith                                                                           34-40

            Royal Tournament post cards. Introduction to by B. Tonkin. (1)                                94-44

            Royal Tournament post cards. Introduction to by B. Tonkin. (2) (1906)                     95-62

            Royal Tournament post cards. Introduction to by B. Tonkin. (3) (1906)                     96-14

South Kensington

            International Inventors Exhibition (1885) by A. P. Smith                                          25-21

Victoria & Albert Museum

            Britain Can Make It Exhibition (1946) (A. Sabey present as a child)                          9-3

White City various items published in 1908 - 1914

            Advertising labels of the Great White City by B. Tonkin (1) 1908                             89-20

            Advertising labels of the Great White City by B. Tonkin (2) 1908-1914                     91-57

            Advertising labels of the Great White City revisited by D. Connell                            93-19

            Collecting scope (1908-84), by D. Knight                                                                8-2

            Ephemera collecting (1908-79) by D. Knight                                                           2-19

            Painting out at the Exhibition by B. Tonkin (1)                                                         88-13

            Painting out at the Exhibition by B. Tonkin (2)                                                         90-39

            White City by D. Knight                                                                                         2-19

White City Post card lists.

            Post cards of the White City Small publishers & Valentine’s

                        Post cards of the White City a pre-amble by B. Tonkin                                 41-22

                        Part 1 A. N. Paris - Aristophot                                                                     41-24

                        Part 2 Small publishers, Bat Expanding Bedstead- Bovril                              42-36

                        Part 3 Small publishers, Brennan Gyroscopic Railway- Davidson Bros          43-58

                        Part 4 Small publishers, Davidson Bros-East London Printing Co.                 44-9

                        Part 5 Small publishers, Edison & Swan-Globe Newspaper The                    45-25

                        Part 6 Small publishers, Gottshalk D. & D. - Imp Govt Rail Japan                 46-43

                        Part 7 Small publishers, Imp. Ottoman Tobacco Regie-Millar & Lang           48-9

                        Part 8 Small publishers, Millar & Lang-Moyea                                             49-28

                        Part 9 Small publishers, National Cash Register-Oetzmann                           51-55

                        Part 10 Small publishers, Parsley Salmon-Pritchard Co.                                52-17

                        Part 11 Small publishers, Queensland                                                          53-34

                        Part 12 Small publishers, Queensland-Rapid Photo Printing Co.                    54-51

                        Part 13 Small publishers, Rapid Photo Printing Co.-Rotary                           55-63

                        Part 13 Small publishers, Rotary                                                                  56-15

                        Part 14 Small publishers, Samuels-Sutton 59-67                                           57-27

                        Part 15 Small publishers, Taber Bas Relief-A & G Taylor                             59-67

                        Part 16 Small publishers, Tuck & Sons                                                        60-9

                        Part 17 Small publishers, Unknown publishers                                             61-23

                        Part 18 Small publishers, Unknown publishers                                             62-43

                        Part 19 Small publishers, Unknown publishers-Zog                                      63-61

                        Part 20 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              64-11

                        Part 21 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              65-28

                        Part 22 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              66-47

                        Part 23 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              67-63

                        Part 24 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              68-13

                        Part 25 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction                              69-29

                                    The following sections are listed by the first word of the titles

                        Part 26 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Introduction-Avenue                 70-40

                        Part 27 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Ballymaclinton                         71-61

                        Part 28 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Ballymaclinton-British              72-8

                        Part 29 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition British-Canadian                       73-34

                        Part 30 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Canadian-Colleens                    74-46

                        Part 31 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Colonial-Congress                     76-12

                        Part 32 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Congress-Corridor                     77/8-47

                        Part 33 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Arts                             79-59

                        Part 34 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour                        80-13

                        Part 35 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour                        81-28

                        Part 36 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour                        82-43

                        Part 37 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour                        83-62

                        Part 38 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour                        84-14

                        Part 39 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Court of Honour-Decorative      85-31

                        Part 40 Valentine Franco-British Exhibition Donaghmore-Elite                     86-46

Note, Articles on White City Post Cards ceased on publication of Post Cards of the Great White City

            Pre Exhibition forerunners by Bill Tonkin                                                                10-14

            Rotary post cards:(1908-12)                                                                                    8-23

            Stapled books of post cards with counterfoils by B. Tonkin                                       53-29


Exhibitions outside London


            Aberdeen Fungus Exhibition (1874)                                                                        27-48

Bradford Industrial Exhibition (1904)

            Bradford Industrial Exhibition (1904) by G. Hall (1)                                                 7-3

                                    (2)                                                                                                  27-59

            Bradford Industrial Exhibition (1904) by G. Hall                                                      53-22

            Bradford Industrial Exhibition (1904) Hand stamp on telegrams by G. Hall                76-4

            Masefield John Correspondence by G. Hall                                                              3-4


            Edinburgh International Exhibitions 1882, 1884, 1886 & 1890 by S. K. Hunter          70-34

            International Fisheries Exhibition 1882 by S. K. Hunter                                            118-42

            International Exhibition 1886 by S. K. Hunter                                                          9-12

            International Exhibition 1886-88 Centenaries of by S. K. Hunter                               6-4

            International Exhibition 1886 Edinburgh Museum pamphlet No. 9                            9-10

            Edinburgh Festival 1991 by S. K. Hunter                                                                 22-33

Glasgow Empire Exhibition (1938)

            Empire Exhibition Air service by J. Murray                                                             107-51

            Empire Exhibition by S. K. Hunter                                                                          44-6

            Fountain from the 1938 Glasgow Exhibition by K. Harman                                       91=56

            Post cards of Brian Gerald by B. Tonkin                                                                  34-46

            Post cards of Brian Gerald by S. K. Hunter                                                              35-54

            The Big Wheel by A. Stevens                                                                                  86-34

Glasgow International Exhibition (1901)

            James Miller & the 1901 Scottish International Exhibition. by F. Peskett                   103-50

            Kelvingrove Vanished Palaces by S. K. Hunter                                                        47-58

            Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Centenary 2001 by S. K. Hunter                        69-28

            Kelvingrove Park Walk 17 June 2004 by S. K. Hunter                                              73-19

Glasgow Garden Festival ‘88

            Pamphlet by the Glasgow Garden Festival 1988 Ltd                                                 9-12


            Grantham Industrial Exhibition (1907)                                                                     12-14


            Tutankhamen exhibits from the B.E.E. in the Hands on History Museum Hull            67-52


            International Exhibition (1886) Gypsy Encampment by S. Floate                              69-17

            International Exhibition of Navigation, Travelling, etc. (1886) by D. Hiscock            113-23

            Royal Jubilee Exhibition (1887) by D. Hiscock                                                        113-23


            North of England Model Cottages Exhibition Newcastle,(1908) by A. D.

                        Brooks & F. Fletcher                                                                                  6-27

            North East Coast Exhibition post cards                                                                    58-37

            North East Coast Exhibition Carillion by K. Harman                                                104-7

            Carillion moved to Hyde Park. Some additional notes by K. Harman                         116-3


            Richmond, Belgian Soldiers Fund War Exhibition (1916)                                         17-21


            The Festival Inn                                                                                                     33-28


            Wolverhampton Art & Industrial Exhibition (1902) by S. Onions                              2-17


            York Exhibitions 1866 & 1879 by S. K. Hunter                                                        68-11


Foreign Exhibitions


            (1898-1950) by The Rev. J. Howat                                                                          9-6


            (1866-1956), by P. Oliver (1)                                                                                  3-5

            (1866-1956), by P. Oliver (2)                                                                                  4-6


            Advertising Labels of Belgium by M. Mobbs                                                           90-34

            Brussells Exhibitions by S. K. Hunter                                                                      30-30

            Brussells International Exposition 1958 A Visit to, by R. Tough (1)                          75-63

            Brussells International Exposition 1958 A Visit to, by R. Tough (2)                          76-7


            Grenoble Hydro-electric & Tourism Exhibition (1925)                                             7-5

            Paris Great Exhibition (1855)                                                                                  18-31

            Paris Universal Exposition (1900)

                        Paris Universal Exposition What to see at (1900) by D. B. Bartlett                24-10

                        Paris Universal Exposition by Ron Trevelyan                                               62-40

                        Paris Universal Exposition labels by C. Kiddle                                             62-35

                        Words from a 1900 Paris song sheet by F. Peskett                                        85-22

            Paris World Fair (1989 not held.)                                                                             5-17


            Frankfurt Electrotechnical Exhibition (1891)                                                            8-17


            United Provinces Exhibition (1911) Allabad Airmail Flight by K. Harman                 59-52


            International Exposition, Tokyo-Yokohama (1940) by S. K. Hunter                          22-33

Netherlands East Indies

            Netherlands East Indies Exhibitions by R. Wheatley                                                 64-2

New Zealand

            New Zealand & Maori presence at British Exhibitions                                              54-44

            New Zealand Exhibitions by R. Trevelyan                                                               53-28

            New Zealand Exhibitions & Doulton by P. Van Gelder                                             52-7

South Africa

            Empire Exhibition (1936-37)                                                                                   35-58


            Seville Expo (1992) by R. Trevelyan                                                                       33-20


            California historic sites by S. K. Hunter (1)                                                              20-2

            California historic sites by S. K. Hunter (2)                                                              20-7

            Chicago World's Fair (1893), Ferris Wheel by R. Trevelyan                                      55-57

            Chicago World's Fair (1933), Century of Progress List of post cards by J May           13-34

            New York World's Fair (1939-40), postcards                                                            12-18

            Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo N.Y. (1901) by B. M. Soper                                11-7


Films featuring Exhibitions                                                                                          

            Expo’s at the Movies by S. K. Hunter (1)                                                                 24-5           Expo’s at the Movies by S. K. Hunter (2)                                                                                                 25-16

            Bradford Exhibition on film by G. Hall                                                                    27-58



            British Exhibitions commemorated by post cards                                                      2-25

            A Christmas Story or the Case of the Missing Post Card by B. Tonkin                       100-8

            Ancient Order of Froth Blowers Cinderellas by B. Tonkin (1).                                  110-34

            Ancient Order of Froth Blowers by B. Tonkin (2).                                                    111-49

            As seen on TV by G. Simner                                                                                   51-46

            Bassett-Lowke A History of by K. Rumsey                                                              108-6

            Bicycles at Exhibitions by B. Tonkin                                                                       32-2

            Centenaries of the exhibitions by S. K. Hunter                                                         6-24

            Cody. Samuel Franklin by J. Roberts                                                                       83-56

            Cody. Samuel Franklin letters by members                                                              84-11

            Collecting Mania by B. Tonkin                                                                               35-52

            Data sheet suggestion by A. Brooks                                                                         4-12

            Dorando. Another marathon he lost in 1909 extract from Cycling                              98-42

            E-Bay letters on                                                                                                      68-1

            Exhibition Comparisons 1851-1900 by H. Macfarlane                                              1-4

            Football at the Exhibitions by J. Murray                                                                   81-19

            Forming and parting with a collection by A. Sabey                                                   86-39

            Glasgow Exhibitions Society (Scottish Exhibition Study Group)

                        Prospectus by S. K. Hunter                                                                         20-11

                        Scottish Exhibition Study Group by S. Hunter                                              54-43

            Hankerchiefs from exhibitions by B. Mathews                                                         45-32

            International Exhibitions and National Identity by B. Burton                                     22-28

            It pays to Advertise by B. Tonkin                                                                            116-6

            Larson. The Donald G. Larson book collection. H. Madden Library Calif.                 79-58

            List of Exhibitions 1851-87 by Professor F. L. Simmonds                                         5-2

            List of World Exhibitions by K. Harman. (1) (1760-1877)                                        37-23

            List of World Exhibitions by K. Harman. (2) (1878-1904)                                        38-30

            List of World Exhibitions by K. Harman. (3) (1905-1984)                                        39-62

            List of World Exhibitions by K. Harman. (4) Additions                                            40-12

            London Exhibition sites by S. K. Hunter                                                                  23-45

            London Exhibition sites by A. P. Smith                                                                    25-19

            Meccano and the Exhibitions by F. Peskett (1)                                                         94-38

            Medals at the Super Market by S. K. Hunter                                                             38-39

            Miscellaneous printed ephemera by A. Brooks                                                         6-29

            Plain & decorative plastering at Exhibitions by S. B. Smith                                       98-39

            Post cards have become respectable but only to academics by B. Tonkin                   98-35

            Printing methods by H. G. Morgan                                                                          1-9

            Printing methods of producing prints by K. Harman                                                 38-45

            Road to Gold by A. Sabey                                                                                       61-21

            Royal Doulton at International Exhibitions by K. Ellis                                              49-18

            Spring Stampex (1997) by A. Sabey                                                                        44-7

            Successful Public Speaking by F. Peskett (wrongly attributed to S. K. Hunter)           29-22

            Trade and Industry Fairs by R. Trevelyan                                                                 52-4

            Tudor Houses at 1908 and 1924 Exhibitions                                                             118-30

            Victorian & Edwardian Medals by L. L. Allen (1)                                                    72-3

            Victorian & Edwardian Medals by L. L. Allen (2)                                                    73-27

            Victorian & Edwardian Medals by L. L. Allen (3)                                                    74-40

            Victorian & Edwardian Medals by L. L. Allen (4)                                                    75-54

            Victory Exhibition Advert of proposed travelling exhibition by D. Chambers             108-2

            World Cup at Stampex 1966 by B. Tonkin                                                               81-25


Missionary Exhibitions

            Missionaries, John Williams & Missionary Exhibitions by B. Tonkin                        63-53

            Missions letters on                                                                                                  76-6

            Orient in London Missionary Exhibition (1908)                                                       4-3

            S.P.G. by B. Tonkin                                                                                                35-61

            Universities Mission to Central Africa by R. Trevelyan                                            105-25



            Brock’s Benefit 1/- Day post marks by F. Peskett & B. Tonkin                                  90-35

            Forged British First Day Covers by B. Tonkin (1)                                                     116-2

            Forged British First Day Covers by B. Tonkin (2)                                                     117-21

            History of Exhibition cancellations at S. E. District Office by J. W. A. Lowder          40-9

            Ideal Home Publicity slogan postal cancellations by A. P. Smith                               31-48

            London Stamp Exhibitions (1947, 1960), queries on dates and cancellations              12-17

            Post marks of the Crystal Palace area by F. Peskett (1) 1898-1918                             92-13

            Scottish Stamp Exhibition cards by S. K. Hunter                                                      11-2

            Stamp checklist, Exhibition theme by F. Peskett                                                       23-50

            The Society of Arts Garter Cover 1850 by F. Pesket.                                                110-36


Post cards general

            Beagles by A. Sabey                                                                                               79-53

            British Exhibition post cards (1890-1983) by Fletcher & Brooks                               5-9

            Campbell-Gray Large 1911 Festival of Empire Post Cards                                        115-49

            Coe Collotype by G. Hall                                                                                        6-18

            Collecting Exhibition Post Cards by Fletcher & Brooks                                            5-14

            Exhibitions commemorated by post cards                                                                2-15

            London Museum B.E.E. & White City post cards published by                                 75-68

            Modern reprints                                                                                                      28-2

            O X O advertising post cards by B. Tonkin                                                              87-63

            Pull outs by B. Tonkin (1)                                                                                       36-2

            Pull outs by B. Tonkin (2)                                                                                       37-18

            Screen printing, by M. G. Morgan                                                                           1-10

            Some observations on Crystal Palace post cards by F. Peskett                                   100-9

            Tuck. A new Post Card Database by A. E. Braun, Jr.                                                101-31

            Tuck by F. Peskett                                                                                                  79-53

            Wembley. Malay Pavilion Post Cards by B. Tonkin                                                  113-21


The End